Matterhorn - Mountain of the Mountains


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Season: July, August, September

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As the most recognized mountain on the European continent, the roughly chiseled rock pyramid of the Matterhorn serves as a defining geographical landmark. With a near perfect pyramid, its absolute symmetry demarcates the exquisite nature of this beautiful mountain. Nestled in the Swiss Alps, birthplace of climbing, an ascent of the Matterhorn hearkens back to the purist traditions of climbing. The Matterhorn, which stands over the town of Zermatt, is nearly steeple-like in both structure and magnetism. The region nearby is comprised of lush meadows and pristine landscapes. The combination of scenic beauty, superb lodging and the ability to challenge oneself by day and live in luxury by night, makes climbing in Switzerland a rather comfortable alpine experience.


In 2013 we guide the team of Sensefly to create a 3D map of Matterhorn.

Here you can se the amazing result!


Day 1:

From Zermatt we take the cable car to Schwarzsee and from there about 2 hours following the steep track up to the brand new Hörnlihut. Overnight stay

Day 2:

At 4 in the morning we start form the Hörnlihut to the Hörnliridge. We climb 2 hours in darkness following only the light of our headlamps. Finding the right way in this area is not easy and needs experience. After 2,5 hours we reach the Solvay-Bivvy and after this section we reach the ridge which leeads us to the roof and to the fixropes. The roof is the hardest part of the route and for sure you will also feel the altitude. After the final icefield the Madonna appears and the way to the summit is free. We have to calculate 4-5 Hours for the ascent and the same time for the descent. After 10 hours of climbing we reach the hörnlihut, for sure tired but with a lot of unforgettable memories.

Level of difficulty

The Matterhorn is a technical alpine rock and snow/ice climb.  This climb requires climbers to have previous experience rock climbing (45 Degree ice, rock crux 5.3 grade, UIAA 4) in boots and being comfortable climbing on steep firm snow and ice (45 Degree ice, rock crux 5.3 grade, UIAA 4). Most part of the climb is UIAA 2. Along with the technical level, summit day on the Matterhorn is an extremely physical day requiring climbers to be in good physical condition. A good acclimatisation is required for success. Therefore we recommend a training day.

Why with us?

In the past years i always reached the summit of Matterhorn with my clients. But a bit luck you need always!

What else?

Whats included: organisation, 1:1 ratio, guiding by an international UIAGM guide, reservation
Whats excluded: cable car, overnight stay for you and your guide


A good Insurance is required to protect you from the unexpected (Medical, Rescue & Evacuation)

Liability Insurance of your guide is obligatory.


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